We recently took on a little project pro bono for the R-Ranch At The Lake. R-Ranch is a beautiful 1100 acre family resort community nestled into a natural wonderland of forests, hills, trails, streams (and the lake), a short hop from Napa Valley, Sacramento, and San Francisco. Sadly, the small cafe that served the HUGE pool and lodge area burned down last May (2016). A good friend of Trish's is an owner there and asked if we could help them get started with a rebuild. We put together a schematic design package for them to get the ball rolling. With a little luck the new cafe could be open for them by spring 2018 (maybe earlier with a lot of luck). The design is intended to be straightforward and affordable yet possess a simple elegance that will add value and enjoyment to the R Ranch users. It is based on a rectangular floor plan similar in size and shape to the previous cafe, using inexpensive but durable materials that match those of the existing Lodge. A few modest amenities are included that will add a touch of pride and pleasure to an otherwise utilitarian building. The Dining area is presented with a high ceiling and exposed wood beams in respect to the Lodge interior and the walls are mostly glass, flooding the space with light. The roof overhang extends to provide an outdoor sheltered dining extension. Optional or phased amenities include an outdoor trellis and barbeque area with a seat height retaining wall. There is a fun opportunity on the high wall between the dining and kitchen spaces for large murals depicting typical R Ranch outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and horseback riding.

Pool (75K)

View from Pool

Parking (94K)

View from Parking

Lodge (111K)

View from Lodge


Zara several years ago. A character then, still one today. She will pick up a University degree in Film this fall. She's come a long way and has a bright future.

She runs her own movie review website HERE.

See more of her characters HERE

Z also has an art site where she displays her MS Paint artwork

Zara today


Randal Dawson, Architect C13264

Education: Folsom High, grad '67

USMC: 2 years, Vietnam Veteran, Hon Discharge, Corporal

Education: 4 years Cal Poly Pomona under Ray Kappe, Thom Mayne, Glen Small, Ahde Lahti, and Bill Simonian

Apprenticeship: Lardner Lardner Architects, Auburn, CA 3 years; Crippen Architects, Truckee, CA, 6 years

Career: Sierra West Architects (Dale Prawalski), Auburn, CA 3 years; MFDB Architects, Sacramento, CA, 30 years

Retired: Aug 2015

MFDB Projects

IC StreetView (21K)

UCD International Center 2017 - MFDB

IC Lobby (43K)

UCD IC Main Lobby

SCCexterior (143K)

UCD Student Community Center 2011 - MFDB

SCClobby (134K)

UCD SCC Main Lobby


My current bikes.

Bike History:

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BMW GS (75K)

2011 BMW R1200GS - main ride/touring

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2015 Ford Fiesta ST - 4 wheel motorcycle runabout